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    The perfect feature balance of innovation, portability and performance

    ZAPME 50KWH mobile EV charging unit in Audi ETron

    Choose the ZAPME vehicle mount.

    Car, Van, Truck or forklift

    ZAPME is compatible with and designed for all major Asian, European and US vans and trucks plus some alternative platforms.


    ZAPME units can be hot swapped to maximise uptime, just drive in and swap the box for a freshly charged unit.

    ZAPME 300KWH mobile EV charging station

    Multiple capacities

    10, 50, 150 up to 300KWH capacities as standard with a 150KW charge rate

    Capacities from 10 to 300 kWh depending on the vehicle it's mounted to, 150kw charge rates meaning ultra rapid charging at the roadside. As standard, ZAPME will charge at Rapid 50KW speeds with our bigger systems able to charge at ultra rapid speeds up to 150KW if necessary. ZAPME GO is light enough to be workshop portable.


    Choose from single-vehicle rapid charging to ultra rapid, simultaneous, multiple vehicle charging, We can charge up to 4 EV's at 50 kWh simultaneously. on our bigger systems,


    Great for events, dealers and roadside charger network outages.

    ZAPME 50KWH charging unit recharged in one hour

    Compatible with all roadside chargers

    Re-Energise anywhere

    Re-Energise the unit at any Rapid EV charger from any major charge network with any Type 2 CCS connection. Rapid DC charging means ZAPME is fully charged with 50KWH of charge and ready to go again in under an hour. Optional 63amp AC is available.


    Alternatively, swap it for a fresh ZAPME so your vehicle is ready to charge again.

  • Hot Swap ZAPME Units

    ZPN Complete Energy Systems

  • Charge anything, anywhere with ZAPME

    On demand charging, road side charger outages or roadside EV recovery


    Workshop Charging for dead EV's

    From 10kWh



    Designed for Workshop however, can be recovery vehicle-mounted.


    Spec: 10-22KWH
    Charge Rate: 50KW (Rapid)
    Battery Charge Rates: C4
    Charge Connector: All main types
    Weight: From 160KG
    Dimensions: 650x110x650




    50kWh Vehicle Mounted Charger

    Suitable for Car/Van and Truck Mounting


    Designed for Recovery and On Demand EV Charging


    Spec: 50,75 &100Kw/1000v
    Charge Rate: 50KW (Rapid)
    Battery Charge Rates: C1/2
    Charge Connector: All main types
    Weight: Fr. 800KG
    Dimensions: Fr. 1886x600x1100


    150kWh+ Vehicle-Based Charger

    Dedicated vehicle-based solution



    Designed for fleets, events, fixed EV charging infrastructure outages.


    Spec: 150-300Kw/1000v
    Charge Rate: 150KW + (Ultra Rapid)
    Battery Charge Rates: C1-C4
    Charge Connector: All main types
    Weight: Fr. 1400KG
    Dimensions: Custom Vehicle Install

    ZAPME Lite

    10kWh+ Mobile Floor Charger

    Garage, Car park or Workshops



    Mobile box no bigger than a domestic fridge.



    Spec: 10KWh/1000v
    Charge Rate: 50KW
    Battery Charge Rates: C3/C4
    Charge Connector: CCS
    Weight: Fr. 100KG
    450x450x 900


    300kWh+ Containerised

    Hiab or hook lift.




    Designed events, fixed EV charging infrastructure outages and construction.


    Spec: 300KWh+/1000v
    Charge Rate: 150KW + (Ultra Rapid)/AC
    Battery Charge Rates: C1-C4
    Charge Connector: All main types
    Weight: Fr. 3000KG
    Dimensions: depends on application
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